Samsung Corby S3650 / S3653 Firmware update [How to]

Here is the Procedure for the firmware update for Samsung Corby S3650 / S3653 (Also known as Samsung S3650 Genio Touch).

Samsung Corby S3650 S3653 Firmware Update Samsung Corby S3650 / S3653 Firmware update [How to]

  • Run Samsung Corby S3650 / S3653 Downloader. (click here to download)
  • Select BRCM2133.
  • If you want to flash Boot files then check: Full Download
  • For Boot select the Boot files Folder from the Firmware folder which you want to use.
  • For Apps select: apps_compressed.bin
  • For Rsrc1 select: Rsrc_S3650_Open_Europe_Common.rc1
  • For Rsrc2 select: Rsrc2_S3650(Low).rc2
  • For Factory FS select: FactoryFs_S3650_Open_Europe_Common.ffs
  • Put the phone into download mode: Press Volume down + Camera + Power.
  • Connect the phone to PC by USB cable and click Port Search to make sure of good connection.
  • Click Download to start the process and wait till the phone rebooted.
  • Do full reset: *2767*3855#

Download Samsung Corby S3650 / S3653 Firmware here



S3650PMIK2-Play – S3650CEJC1-Benelux – S3650BGIJ2S3650BRIJ1S3650BVIK2


S3653JPIK1 - S3653DXII6S3653JVIK1

7 thoughts on “Samsung Corby S3650 / S3653 Firmware update [How to]

  1. Hi,
    how i can eseay update samsung corby

  2. why i cant click download button??

  3. hi,i got an samsung gt s3650 and i used *#1234# and i updatted my version of sw ver but now my phone don t take the right tuch on tuchscreen. i press messages and apers me Alram and when i press alarm it open messages. all the tuch press i make is wrong. please help me.

  4. There are so many firmwares. Which one to download?

  5. dolenni wedi torri S3653JPIK1 – S3653DXII6 – S3653JVIK1

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