Samsung B5722 Firmware Update [How to]

Here is the Procedure for the firmware update for Samsung B5722.

 Samsung B5722 Firmware Update [How to]

  • Run Samsung B5722 Downloader. (click here to download)
  • Make Sure these two options are checked: MASTER + SLAVE.
  • Set Com number and Speed.
  • In MASTER section check: BIN + TFS and Check With common CSC.
  • For BIN field select: B5722xxxxx_Master.cla
  • For TFS field select: B5722xxxxx_Master.tfs
  • For CSC field select:
  • In SLAVE section check: BIN + TFS
  • For BIN field select: B5722xxxxx_Slave.cla
  • For TFS field select: B5722xxxxx_Slave.tfs
  • Press START button and connect cable to phone with battery.
  • After the Program detect the Flash ID you can press DOWNLOAD to start the process.
  • After all is Done turn on the Phone and do full reset: *2767*3855#

Download Samsung B5722 Firmware here

B5722JVJJ3B5722XXJK3-OXXB5722XXIL1-OXG NetherlandsB5722XXIL2-CSC-BD GreekB5722VJJE1

B5722XEIK8 – B5722XEIKA – B5722XEJA1 – B5722XXIL1 – B5722XXJB1 – B5722DXJB1

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