Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT Firmware update [How to]

Here is the Procedure for the firmware update for Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT (Also known as Samsung B3210 Genio Qwerty).

Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT Firmware Update Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT Firmware update [How to]

  • Run Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT Downloader. (click here to download)
  • Select Customer T: Rodeo (Intel Sibley 1024/256, USB).
  • In Flash Option section check: Code Binary and CSC Binary(Default).
  • Also check this Option: Erase all Unused Regions.
  • Connect the phone in Download mode: Press * and connect USB cable to phone.
  • Now select the Com Port that the phone takes.
  • Select the S3 Flash file and CSC file too, each in his field.
  • Click on Flash button and type YES in the message box then click OK to Start the process.
  • Do not touch or remove the cable till the Program telsl you: All is Well.
  • Turn On the phone and do full reset by this code: *2767*3855#.

Download Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT Firmware here





12 thoughts on “Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT Firmware update [How to]

  1. per favore qualcuno puo darmi firmware corby txt con lingua italiana…per favore

    • Praveen Yadav says:

      Hello FABIO,

      dobbiamo trovare qualche altro firmware per Samsung Corby txt. si ar di cui sopra.

      potete trovare che fa per voi e fateci sapere che lavorerà per voi oppure no ….

  2. mi servirebbero i seguenti per piacere

  3. mi servirebbero i seguenti
    PDA (B3210AIII3) CSC (B3210TIMII4)
    PDA (B3210MXXJB1) CSC (B3210MWINJB1)

  4. pDA (B3210AIII3) CSC (B3210TIMII4)
    PDA (B3210MXXJB1) CSC (B3210MWINJB1)

  5. Muchas gracias fue el unico program que funciono para mi Corby Gracias Thanks!!!!

  6. come faccio a sappere il com port x che ho il hp g62 e ci sonno numeri da 1 a 64

  7. buenas tardes, quisiera saber cual de estos me funciona mi idioma español, instale uno de ellos solo que las letras Q = A, Z = W y de forma inversa, podrían ayudarme. soy de Venezuela.

  8. problem that com port is wrong but defult com is 50. Download free android apps

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