Nokia Will Produce a Windows 7 Powered SmartPhone

Nokia has announced plans for a strategic partnership with the largest “softvarnym” giant – by Microsoft, where the two companies plan to combine their assets and to develop innovative mobile products on an unprecedented scale.

Nokia and Microsoft partnership is planned as follows:

  • As a major strategic mobile platform Nokia chooses Windows Phone
  • Nokia will promote devices on the Windows Phone in various price categories and geographic regions.
  • Nokia and Microsoft will cooperate closely on joint marketing innitsiativah
  • The main search engine in the Nokia devices will be Bing from Microsoft, and advertising platform – Microsoft adCenter.
  • Nokia is going with the operators organize special conditions for the purchase of Windows Phone in those countries where credit cards are not widespread.
  • Content from Nokia and its application store will be integrated with the Microsoft Marketplace.
  • Nokia has announced that the company’s management structure will change from 1 April, which will be presented the new organizational structure with new leaders.

New structure will be represented by the following units:

  • Smart Devices (Intelligent Devices, the head of Joe Harlow): Responsible for Symbian MeeGo smartphones and strategic business operations.
  • Mobile Phones (Mobile phones, the head of Mary McDowell): Responsible for ordinary mobile phones.
  • Markets (Markets, head Niklas Savander): Responsible for selling company products and its promotion to the markets.
  • Services and Developer Experience (services and development tools”, head Tero Oyanpera): responsible for a global portfolio of services from Nokia and relationships with developers.
  • NAVTEQ (director Larry Kaplan): to be a separate legal entity and work with a map service.
  • CTO Office (Handbook of Technical Department, heads the department of Rich Green): responsible for technology strategy Nokia.
  • Design (Design, leader Marko Ahtisaari): responsible for product design company.
  • CFO Office (Financial Services, headed by Timo Ihamuotila): Responsible for all financial activities of the company.
  • Corporate Development («Division of Corporate Development, Chief Kai Oistamo): responsible for promoting and implementing the strategy of the ecosystem.
  • Corporate Relations & Responsibility (Division of corporate relations and responsibility, the head of Esko Aho): responsible for relations with governments and society.
  • Human Resources (Manpower, director Juha Akhras).
  • Legal and Intellectual Property (Division of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property, the head of Louise Pentland).
  • Nokia Siemens Networks will continue its activities in the Nokia Group as a separate entity.
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