Micromax Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest 2012

Micromax Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest Micromax Mobile Phones Prices in 2012

Micromax Mobile Phones Details – Micromax is one of the leading Indian Telecom Companies with 23 domestic offices across the country and international offices in Hong Kong, USA, Dubai and now in Nepal. With a futuristic vision and an exhaustive R&D at its helm, Micromax has successfully generated innovative technologies that have revolutionised the telecom consumer space.Micromax has a lot of firsts to its credit on their versatile product portfolio. It was the first to introduce the handsets with 30 days battery backup, Mobile with Dual SIM / Dual Standby, Phone Switching Networks (GSM – CDMA) using gravity sensors, Aspirational Qwerty Keypad mobiles, Operator Branded 3G phones, OMH CDMA cellphones, etc.

Micromax Mobile Logo New 2012 Micromax Mobile Phones Price List in India   Latest 2012

Serial No.

Mobile Phone Names



1.Micromax X4iRs. 5600Click here
2.Micromax GC257[ipi_mobile id=1119]Click here
3.Micromax Q56[ipi_mobile id=39020]Click here
4.Micromax X288[ipi_mobile id=89016]Click here
5.Micromax X1i[ipi_mobile id=217]Click here
6.Micromax Q4[ipi_mobile id=1032]Click here
7.Micromax X115Rs. 1699Click here
8.Micromax X268Rs. 2350Click here
9.Micromax X262Rs. 2142Click here
10.Micromax X332[ipi_mobile id=894]Click here
11.Micromax E390[ipi_mobile id=34971]Click here
12.Micromax X113Rs. 2200Click here
13.Micromax Q22[ipi_mobile id=89177]Click here
14.Micromax X50[ipi_mobile id=80520]Click here
15.Micromax X233[ipi_mobile id=89158]Click here
16.Micromax X207[ipi_mobile id=89091]Click here
17.Micromax X270[ipi_mobile id=80532]Click here
18.Micromax GC700[ipi_mobile id=902]Click here
19.Micromax x368[ipi_mobile id=89159]Click here
20.Micromax x256[ipi_mobile id=88951]Click here
21.Micromax X1uRs. 2200Click here
22.Micromax X112Rs. 1648Click here
23.Micromax X250[ipi_mobile id=422]Click here
24.Micromax Q3 EzpadRs. 2259Click here
25.Micromax X555Rs. 8000Click here
26.Micromax X114[ipi_mobile id=923]Click here
27.Micromax X280[ipi_mobile id=890]Click here
28.Micromax X500[ipi_mobile id=1021]Click here
29.Micromax X310Rs. 3995Click here
30.Micromax X116[ipi_mobile id=938]Click here
31.Micromax H360[ipi_mobile id=761]Click here
32.Micromax x511Rs. 5965Click here
33.Micromax X260[ipi_mobile id=415]Click here
34.Micromax X800Rs. 15000Click here
35.Micromax X1i Plus[ipi_mobile id=269]Click here
36.Micromax X360[ipi_mobile id=467]Click here
37.Micromax X211[ipi_mobile id=914]Click here
38.Micromax X225[ipi_mobile id=968]Click here
39.Micromax Q2[ipi_mobile id=346]Click here
40.Micromax Q5 fb (Q5FB)[ipi_mobile id=447]Click here
41.Micromax X215[ipi_mobile id=204]Click here
42.Micromax X220[ipi_mobile id=846]Click here
43.Micromax C2i[ipi_mobile id=899]Click here
44.Micromax Q55 Bling[ipi_mobile id=531]Click here
45.Micromax X2i Plus[ipi_mobile id=298]Click here
46.Micromax Q1[ipi_mobile id=226]Click here
47.Micromax X2i[ipi_mobile id=903]Click here
48.Micromax W900[ipi_mobile id=50]Click here
49.Micromax GC255Rs. 3095Click here
50.Micromax C112Rs. 1820Click here
51.Micromax C350[ipi_mobile id=897]Click here
52.Micromax X118[ipi_mobile id=939]Click here
53.Micromax X235[ipi_mobile id=303]Click here
54.Micromax G4 Gamolution[ipi_mobile id=304]Click here
55.Micromax X414[ipi_mobile id=89042]Click here
56.Micromax X111[ipi_mobile id=192]Click here
57.Micromax X313Rs. 4159Click here
58.Micromax Q7[ipi_mobile id=500]Click here
59.Micromax GC275[ipi_mobile id=847]Click here
60.Micromax X100[ipi_mobile id=183]Click here
61.Micromax Q6[ipi_mobile id=508]Click here
62.Micromax GC400[ipi_mobile id=568]Click here
63.Micromax Q5c[ipi_mobile id=499]Click here
64.Micromax X330[ipi_mobile id=395]Click here
65.Micromax X600[ipi_mobile id=555]Click here
66.Micromax Q2 Plus[ipi_mobile id=299]Click here
67.Micromax X510 Pike[ipi_mobile id=468]Click here
68.Micromax X550 Qube[ipi_mobile id=536]Click here
69.Micromax GC360[ipi_mobile id=476]Click here
70.Micromax Q75[ipi_mobile id=540]Click here
71.Micromax Q3 Plus[ipi_mobile id=423]Click here
72.Micromax Q55 BlackRs. 3095Click here
73.Micromax GC256[ipi_mobile id=641]Click here
74.Micromax E360[ipi_mobile id=586]Click here
75.Micromax Q50 Ezpad[ipi_mobile id=472]Click here
76.Micromax X505 Psych[ipi_mobile id=502]Click here
77.Micromax X226[ipi_mobile id=275]Click here
78.Micromax Modu T[ipi_mobile id=91]Click here
79.Micromax Q66 Eclipse[ipi_mobile id=566]Click here
80.Micromax X117Rs. 1178Click here
81.Micromax X228Rs. 1890Click here
82.Micromax X290[ipi_mobile id=295]Click here
83.Micromax X1i Plus AnniversaryRs. 1450Click here
84.Micromax Andro A60[ipi_mobile id=18]Click here
85.Micromax X560[ipi_mobile id=584]Click here
86.Micromax X265[ipi_mobile id=334]Click here
87.Micromax X230[ipi_mobile id=363]Click here
88.Micromax X370[ipi_mobile id=469]Click here
89.Micromax X365[ipi_mobile id=471]Click here
90.Micromax C114[ipi_mobile id=849]Click here
91.Micromax Q1 Plus[ipi_mobile id=233]Click here
92.Micromax EG333Rs. 8000Click here
93.Micromax X395 Convertible[ipi_mobile id=420]Click here
94.Micromax C250Rs. 2250Click here
95.Micromax X266[ipi_mobile id=368]Click here
96.Micromax M2[ipi_mobile id=522]Click here
97.Micromax X210[ipi_mobile id=264]Click here
98.Micromax Bling 2 A55[ipi_mobile id=68]Click here
99.Micromax X200[ipi_mobile id=237]Click here
100.Micromax X410[ipi_mobile id=402]Click here
101.Micromax X226 Plus[ipi_mobile id=277]Click here
102.Micromax Q35[ipi_mobile id=639]Click here
103.Micromax X485[ipi_mobile id=916]Click here
104.Micromax X450 ( Van Gogh )[ipi_mobile id=680]Click here
105.Micromax A70[ipi_mobile id=712]Click here
106.Micromax X228 Plus[ipi_mobile id=318]Click here
107.Micromax X11i[ipi_mobile id=7011]Click here
108.Micromax X263[ipi_mobile id=1046]Click here
109.Micromax Q80 [ipi_mobile id=944]Click here
110.Micromax X285[ipi_mobile id=857]Click here
111.Micromax X40[ipi_mobile id=8166]Click here
112.Micromax X229 [ipi_mobile id=1047]Click here
113.Micromax X222[ipi_mobile id=59300]Click here
114.Micromax Q1C [ipi_mobile id=88965]Click here
115.Micromax A85[ipi_mobile id=88954]Click here
116.Micromax X261 [ipi_mobile id=84715]Click here
117.Micromax X55 Blade[ipi_mobile id=89089]Click here
118.Micromax X78 [ipi_mobile id=88943]Click here
119.Micromax X1i ReloadedRs. 1399Click here
120.Micromax X275 [ipi_mobile id=89087]Click here
121.Micromax X11i Plus Price in India[ipi_mobile id=88996]Click here
122.Micromax A75 Superfone Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89074]Click here
123.Micromax X333 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89319]Click here
124.Micromax X271 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89073]Click here
125.Micromax X490 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89120]Click here
126.Micromax X650 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89119]Click here
127.Micromax X231 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89077]Click here
128.Micromax A78 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89286]Click here
129.Micromax A73 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89299]Click here
130.Micromax C115 Price in IndiaRs. 1200Click here
131.Micromax X274 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89324]Click here
132.Micromax X102 Price in India [ipi_mobile id=89332]Click here
133.Micromax X290 Plus Price in IndiaRs. 2400Click here
134.Micromax Booklet P300 Price in IndiaRs. 7999Click here
135.Micromax X205 Price in IndiaRs. 1599Click here
136.Micromax Funbook P300 Price in IndiaRs. 6499Click here
137.Micromax X660 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89413]Click here
138.Micromax X335 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89140]Click here
139.Micromax A50 Ninja Superphone Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89422]Click here
140.Micromax X257 Price in IndiaRs. 1850Click here
141.Micromax X283 Price in IndiaRs. 1800Click here

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