Lava Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest 2012

Lava Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest Lava Mobile Phones Prices in 2012

Lava Mobile Phones Details – Lava is one of the mobile handset manufacutres in India. With this motto as its guiding principle, LAVA has embarked on an ambitious journey of empowering every human with quality innovative products at an affordable price. Lava is with a distinguished management having an excellent industry track record and a highly motivated team, Lava plans to enter the mobile handset ecosystem. The Lava company aspires to be a leading player in the mobile handsets ecosystem by offering customers with a unique value proposition and in turn create immense value for its stakeholders.

Lava Mobile Logo Lava Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest 2012

Serial No.

Mobile Phone Names



1.Lava KKT 25[ipi_mobile id=432]Click here
2.Lava KKT 23cRs. 1999Click here
3.Lava A11[ipi_mobile id=89106]Click here
4.Lava B2 QWERTYRs. 2862Click here
5.Lava KKT 24[ipi_mobile id=464]Click here
6.Lava KKT 32Rs. 2949Click here
7.Lava C51[ipi_mobile id=89048]Click here
8.Lava B5 QWERTYRs. 2704Click here
9.Lava KKT 22Rs. 1755Click here
10.Lava KKT 26Rs. 2575Click here
11.Lava ARC 09[ipi_mobile id=89116]Click here
12.Lava ARC 02 PlusRs. 1248Click here
13.Lava KKT 12Rs. 2850Click here
14.Lava KKT 40[ipi_mobile id=89108]Click here
15.Lava KKT 24 PlusRs. 3249Click here
16.Lava KKT 11Rs. 1900Click here
17.Lava ARC 02[ipi_mobile id=197]Click here
18.Lava M23Rs. 2600Click here
19.Lava KKT 1Rs. 2599Click here
20.Lava KKT 18[ipi_mobile id=89163]Click here
21.Lava KKT 30Rs. 2798Click here
22.Lava KKT 34Rs. 2170Click here
23.Lava B2 Alpha[ipi_mobile id=426]Click here
24.Lava KKT 36[ipi_mobile id=89155]Click here
25.Lava B5 AlphaRs. 2600Click here
26.Lava A9Rs. 3700Click here
27.Lava ARC 03Rs. 1585Click here
28.Lava KKT 15Rs. 1869Click here
29.Lava ARC 03NRs. 1699Click here
30.Lava KKT 22 Plus[ipi_mobile id=356]Click here
31.Lava A10[ipi_mobile id=598]Click here
32.Lava B8[ipi_mobile id=544]Click here
33.Lava KKT 35[ipi_mobile id=436]Click here
34.Lava KKT 70[ipi_mobile id=479]Click here
35.Lava ARC 04[ipi_mobile id=279]Click here
36.Lava ARC 01Rs. 1191Click here
37.Lava M30[ipi_mobile id=498]Click here
38.Lava KKT 15 PlusRs. 1766Click here
39.Lava KKT 28[ipi_mobile id=394]Click here
40.Lava KKT 34 Plus[ipi_mobile id=705]Click here
41.Lava C30[ipi_mobile id=647]Click here
42.Lava ARC 05[ipi_mobile id=314]Click here
43.Lava B6[ipi_mobile id=478]Click here
44.Lava ARC 03 Plus[ipi_mobile id=68068]Click here
45.Lava ARC 21[ipi_mobile id=8105]Click here
46.Lava M20[ipi_mobile id=870]Click here
47.Lava KKT 39[ipi_mobile id=76348]Click here
48.Lava KKT 50[ipi_mobile id=88916]Click here
49.Lava S12[ipi_mobile id=88929]Click here
50.Lava KKT 16Rs. 1990Click here
51.Lava M70[ipi_mobile id=88962]Click here
52.Lava A16 MTV[ipi_mobile id=89010]Click here
53.Lava M9[ipi_mobile id=88998]Click here
54.Lava XOLO X900 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89408]Click here
55.Lava ARC 22 Plus Price in India[ipi_mobile id=68070]Click here
55.Lava KKT 22i Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89395]Click here
57.Lava KKT 34i Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89394]Click here
58.Lava C31 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89431]Click here

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