Download Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Firmwares

Download Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Firmwares

samsung s8600 wave 3 firmware free download Download Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Firmwares

Bada 2.0:

S8600AILA2 / TIMLA2 Italy TIM

S8600BOKJ1 / TPLKJ1 Poland T-Mobile

S8600BOKK6 / TPLKK7 Poland T-Mobile

S8600BOKK6 / DTMKK5 Germany T-Mobile

S8600BSLD2 / TMHLD2 Hungary T-Mobile

S8600DDLD1 / ODDLD1 INU India

S8600JPKK2 Arabic

S8600JPLD1 / OJPLB1 Arabic

S8600JVKK4 / OJVKK2 Turkey

S8600JVLD1 / OJVKK2 Turkey

S8600NAKL1 / EPLKL1 Germany E-Plus

S8600XWLA1 / OXGLA1 AUT Switzerland

S8600XXKI9 / OXA


S8600XXKK5 / DBTKL1 Germany

S8600XXKK7 / XEKK5 Russia

S8600XXLA1 / DBTLB1 Germany

S8600XXLB1 / OXA XEO Poland

S8600XXLC3 / OXALC2 XEF France

S8600XXLC3 / OXALC2 XEO Poland

S8600XXLD1 / DBTLB1 Germany

S8600XXLD1 / OXELD1 SER Russia

S8600ZCLB2 / OZCLB2 China

S8600ZCLD1 / OZCLD1 China

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