BlackBerry Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest 2012

BlackBerry Mobile Phones Price List in India – Latest BlackBerry Mobile Phones Prices in 2012

BlackBerry Logo Mobile 2012 BlackBerry Mobile Phones Price List in India   Latest 2012

Sr. No.

Mobile Phone



A.BlackBerry 8700g Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89007]Click here
B.BlackBerry 7100g Price in IndiaRs. 10640Click here
1.BlackBerry 6230 Price in IndiaClick here
2.BlackBerry 6720 Price in IndiaClick here
3.BlackBerry 7230 Price in IndiaClick here
4.BlackBerry 7730 Price in IndiaClick here
5.BlackBerry 7290 Price in IndiaRs. 18520Click here
6.BlackBerry 7100v Price in IndiaClick here
7.BlackBerry 7100t Price in IndiaClick here
8.BlackBerry 7100x Price in IndiaClick here
9.BlackBerry 8700c Price in IndiaClick here
10.BlackBerry 8707v Price in IndiaClick here
11.BlackBerry 7130v Price in IndiaClick here
12.BlackBerry 7130c Price in IndiaClick here
13.BlackBerry 7130g Price in IndiaRs. 14430Click here
14.BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Price in IndiaRs. 10000Click here
15.BlackBerry 8800 Price in IndiaRs. 10000Click here
16.BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Price in IndiaRs. 3990Click here
17.BlackBerry 8820 Price in IndiaRs. 26890Click here
18.BlackBerry Curve 8300 Price in IndiaRs. 12000Click here
19.BlackBerry Curve 8310 Price in IndiaRs. 13300Click here
20.BlackBerry Curve 8320 Price in IndiaRs. 13300Click here
21.BlackBerry Curve 8330 Price in IndiaN/AClick here
22.BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Price in IndiaRs. 12000Click here
23.BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Price in IndiaRs. 23750Click here
24.BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Price in IndiaN/AClick here
25.BlackBerry Volt Price in IndiaCancelledClick here
26.BlackBerry Bold 9000 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=109]Click here
27.BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Price in IndiaRs. 5999Click here
28.BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 Price in IndiaN/AClick here
29.BlackBerry Storm 9530 Price in IndiaRs. 19500Click here
30.BlackBerry Storm 9500 Price in IndiaRs. 9500Click here
31.BlackBerry Storm3 Price in IndiaCancelledClick here
32.BlackBerry Curve 8900 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin)Rs. 12990Click here
33.BlackBerry Tour 9630 Price in IndiaRs. 6999Click here
34.BlackBerry Curve 8520 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini)[ipi_mobile id=80]Click here
35.BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Price in IndiaRs. 10990Click here
36.BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Price in IndiaRs. 17600Click here
37.BlackBerry Curve 8530 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=118]Click here
38.BlackBerry Bold 9700 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Bold 2 9700)[ipi_mobile id=151]Click here
39.BlackBerry Bold 9650 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=160]Click here
40.BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Pearl2 3G 9100)[ipi_mobile id=100]Click here
41.BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Pearl2 3G 9105)[ipi_mobile id=105]Click here
42.BlackBerry Torch 9800 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Slider 9800)[ipi_mobile id=168]Click here
43.BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=114]Click here
44.BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Curve 9330)[ipi_mobile id=17273]Click here
45.BlackBerry Style 9670 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89160] [ipi_mobile id=154]Click here
46.BlackBerry Bold 9780 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Onyx II 9780 and BlackBerry Bold 3 9780)[ipi_mobile id=150]Click here
47. (A)BlackBerry Playbook 16GB Price in India[ipi_mobile id=8130]Click here
47. (B)BlackBerry Playbook 32GB Price in IndiaRs. 13499Click here
47. (C)BlackBerry Playbook 64GB Price in India[ipi_mobile id=8129]Click here
48.BlackBerry Playbook Wimax Price in IndiaN/AClick here
49.BlackBerry 4G Playbook LTE Price in IndiaN/AClick here
50.BlackBerry 4G Playbook HSPA+ Price in IndiaN/AClick here
51.BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Price in India (Also Know as BlackBerry Montana)Rs. 26600Click here
52.BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Dakota, BlackBerry Magnum and BackBerry Bold4 9900 Touch and Type)[ipi_mobile id=1126]Click here
53.BlackBerry Torch 9850 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Monaco and BackBerry Volt)Rs. 26986Click here
54.BlackBerry Torch 9860 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Monza, BlackBerry Touch and BlackBerry Storm3)[ipi_mobile id=15430]Click here
55.BlackBerry Torch 9810 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=15431]Click here
56.BlackBerry Curve 9350 Price in India (Also Known as BlackBerry Curve Sedona)[ipi_mobile id=89017]Click here
57.BlackBerry Curve 9360 Price in India (Also Knwn as BlackBerry Curve Apollo)[ipi_mobile id=72193]Click here
58.BlackBerry Curve 9370 Price in IndiaRs. 25000 approx…Click here
59.BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89223]Click here
60.BlackBerry Bold 9790 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89026]Click here
61.BlackBerry Curve 9380 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89001]Click here
62.BlackBerry Curve 9220 Price in India[ipi_mobile id=89399]Click here
63.BlackBerry Curve 9320 Price in IndiaRumoredClick here
64.BlackBerry Curve Touch Price in IndiaRumoredClick here
65.BlackBerry Playbook 2012 Price in IndiaRumoredClick here
66.BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9531 Price in IndiaRumoredClick here
67.BlackBerry Curve 8980 Price in IndiaRumoredClick here
68.BlackBerry Curve Touch CDMA Price in IndiaRumoredClick here

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