Acer Mobile Phones Price List in India – 2011

Acer Incorporated is a multinational computer technology and electronics corporation based in Taiwan, that manufactures desktop and laptop PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs), servers, storage devices, displays, and peripherals. Acer provides e-business services for business, government, education, and home users. Acer Liquid A1 (S100) is a smartphone manufactured by Acer Inc. of Taiwan and Acer is first to use the Android operating system, backed by Google. It is also the world’s first Android phone to use a Snapdragon processor

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Acer logo Acer Mobile Phones Price List in India   2011

Serial No.

Mobile Phone Names



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1.Acer DX900 (Tempo DX900)Rs. 27848Specifications
2.Acer X960Rs. 18720Specifications
3.Acer F900Rs. 26520Specifications
4.Acer M900Rs. 34736Specifications
5.Acer DX650Rs. 18188Specifications
6.Acer beTouch E101 (E1)Rs. 11430Specifications
7.Acer beTouch E100 (C1)Rs. 11430Specifications
8.Acer beTouch E200 (L1)Rs. 14599Specifications
9.Acer neoTouch (F1, neoTouch S200)Rs. 31500Specifications
10.Acer LiquidRs. 18499Specifications
11.Acer beTouch E110Rs. 7699Specifications
12.Acer neoTouch P300Rs. 35900Specifications
13.Acer beTouch E400Specifications
14.Acer neoTouch P400Rs. 18000Specifications
15.Acer Liquid E (A1, Ferrari Edition)Rs. 17499 (Rs.26999 for Ferrari Edition)Specifications
16.Acer StreamRs. 33000Specifications
17.Acer beTouch E120Rs. 11490Specifications
18.Acer beTouch E130Rs. 9989Specifications
19.Acer Liquid MT (Metal)Rs. 17290Specifications
20.Acer beTouch T500Specifications
21.Acer beTouch E140Rs. 13500Specifications
22.Acer beTouch E210Rs. 10400Specifications
23.Acer Liquid mini E310Rs. 10990Specifications
24.Acer Iconia Tab A100Specifications
25.Acer Iconia Tab A101Specifications
26.Acer Iconia SmartSpecifications
27.Acer Iconia Tab A500Rs. 26690Specifications
28.Acer Iconia Tab A501Specifications
29.Acer W4Specifications
30.Acer E320Specifications
31.Acer Liquid E PlusRs. 12500Specifications

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